A feature Mockumentary directed

by Thomas Gimpel

DoP: Hauke Wulff

Creative Producer: Martina Hentig

Pilot Trailer

Proof of concept

(1. Act, 2019)

The Story

In which a loving mother...

and translator researches the ‘chemtrail’ conspiracy theory for her job and loses everything during her journey down the internet rabbit hole. God's Cocaine follows translator Claire on her research. In the abundance of information, theses and creeds, the transition from skepticism to paranoid ideology is fluid. In our 90-minute mockumentary, we want to mislead the viewer in order to strengthen careful and thoughtful use of news and media.

The Team

A handfull of susceptible characters

Thomas Gimpel


Martina Hentig

Creative Producer

Hauke Wulff


The Music

Lean back and enjoy

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